Parents polled about satisfaction with school district

Parents of Grade 4, 7, 10 and 12 students in the district are again being asked to give their feedback to the Ministry of Education through the ministry’s annual “Satisfaction Survey.”

From now until the end of April, the online survey – which can be accessed through the School District 72 website – asks a series of questions like, “Do you feel you have a shared role in your child’s learning?” and, “Does your child’s school offer the course choices needed to meet his or her education goals?” along with asking for opportunities parents would like to see made available within the school. There are also satisfaction surveys available for the students themselves to take – along with staff – which have different types of questions, obviously.  The survey for Grade 4 students, for example, asks questions not only about what the students are studying, such as, “At school, are you learning about (subject)?” but also questions about the students’ perception of safety and comfort, like, “At school, do you feel bullied, teased or picked on?” and about how well the school addresses children’s physical needs, such as, “In the last five school days, how many days did you do physical activities that made you sweat and breathe hard for at least 30 minutes during school hours?” and, “At school, do you eat or drink foods or beverages that are not very healthy (for example, pop, candy, deep-fried foods)?”

Parents can access and fill out the survey from the link available at, choosing “School District 72” and then their child’s school, while students and staff need to be given a “logon number” from their school in order to access the correct survey.

The survey, according to the Ministry of Education, should take about 10 minutes, but could take longer if the school itself has added questions to the survey over and above what are being asked by the government.