Ostler park survey to close Saturday

City asks public to choose whether to replace riprap or create 200-metre beach along waterfront stretch of park

  • Jan. 29, 2015 9:00 a.m.

Ostler Park shoreline survey closes this Saturday. Make your opinion heard!

How do you feel about having beach access at Ostler Park? The survey asking for public feedback on the future of Ostler Park is open until Jan. 31.

With sections of riprap (large boulders) along the shore of Ostler Park damaged and collapsing because of constant wave action and recent major storms, the City is asking whether the community prefers replacing the riprap or establishing a beach stretching nearly 200 metres along part of the park.

Highlights of questions and answers from the open house held Jan. 22:

Is one option more expensive than the other?

Both options would cost about the same.

Would either option be paid for through property taxation?

No. Both options are eligible for 100 per cent senior government grant funding.

Does one option require more maintenance?

Both options would require periodic maintenance.

Would vagrancy and vandalism be an issue with a new beach?

A beach would offer improved visibility and public safety.

Which option would do a better job of reducing wave energy and the amount of damage and debris clean-up after storms?

The natural beach slope.

Instead of rebuilding the riprap, why not just dump more large rocks along the shoreline?

Riprap must be properly engineered to prevent erosion, and simply adding more rock to the existing shoreline would not prevent the erosion of fine material, which is what’s causing the existing riprap to collapse. Unless it’s completely rebuilt, it would need to be repaired again and again. Also, adding more rocks would make the shoreline steeper, which would increase wave energy against the shore, causing more damage and throwing more debris into the park – resulting in increased maintenance and clean-up costs after storms.

Which option is consistent with the Official Community Plan?

The beach option is consistent with the community’s vision and guidelines for shoreline protection as described in the Official Community Plan. Specifically, the use of seawalls and riprap embankments are generally not acceptable – except when no alternative shore protection design is possible.

When would shoreline restoration work be done?

Work on either option would take place from August through October 2015.

To see more information about the options to restore the shoreline, and to complete the survey, go to www.campbellriver.ca (under What’s New).


Paper copies of the survey are available at City Hall, the Community Centre and the Sportsplex.