Noisy videos posted to YouTube

Neighbours' home videos illustrate the troubles they hear from pole peeling plant

A Gordon Road resident wants everyone to hear the racket she says is destroying her rural neighbourhood.

Corinne Matheson, one of several homeowners living near the Duncan Bay Road pole peeling plant, made videos at three different locations to document the noise.

Matheson says she made the videos, “to show everyone in Campbell River how bad the pole peeling plant sound is.”

The first video is shot from Matheson’s home at Mystic Woods Nursery up the road from the pole peeler, the second is at Blue Spruce Home Park right next door to the plant, and the third is filmed just outside the facility.

In the videos, Matheson explains how the high-pitch buzzing (which is clearly audible) is what she listens to five days a week.

Matheson and her neighbours have spoken against the pole peeler since it began operating Jan. 23, after relocating from Sayward where its lease expired.

The plant was welcomed by the city and issued a minor development permit to operate on land re-zoned to heavy industrial in 1998. Unfortunately, it is located close to residential properties.

“The noise of the pole peeler is a violation to the residents outside trying to enjoy their properties,” Matheson says. “The noise driving residents crazy. The sound carries several kilometres in every direction and affects everyone in the neighbourhood.

“A mistake was made with the pole peeler and it’s time to fix it.”

The owner of the plant, Northern Pressure Treated Wood Ltd., is taking steps to fix the problem. The company agreed last week to implement all the sound reduction options outlined by a sound consultant.

But Matheson is still skeptical.

“If they go ahead and put these sound barriers in and it still makes noise, then what?” Matheson asks. “If we still can’t enjoy our properties, then what? That is a beautiful area, let’s not let one little business ruin one area. This one business is affecting the lives of approximately 250 people…Move it somewhere else where it won’t bother anybody.”

To listen to the videos on use the following links: Mystic Woods on Gordon Road ; Blue Spruce Home Park on Duncan Bay Road; and outside the pole peeler plant.