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UPDATED: Two black bears euthanized after man aggressively pursued in Port Hardy

Two bears matching description of the aggressive bear trapped and destroyed by conservation officers
Signage warning about the bear on the loose in Port Hardy. (Tyson Whitney - North Island Gazette)

Two bears that fit the description of the aggressive black bear that went after a man in Port Hardy on early Friday morning have been caught and euthanized.

Signs had been posted around town warning residents after the man had the encounter with the bear in the area of Market and Granville streets.

“Basically, the bear pursued the individual multiple times around multiple areas,” said Scott Norris, conservation’s acting inspector for the West Coast region. “The individual was able to get to safety and then the bear wandered off back to the mall.”

Norris noted conservation responded quickly in order to protect public safety and had a presence in town all weekend setting traps to capture the bear in question.

In the end they managed to trap two bears that fit the description and both were euthanized, says Norris.

“There were two other bears that didn’t fit the description that we didn’t trap and are still in Port Hardy,” he added, also confirming there were “no juvenile bears involved.”

Norris said residents need to take the time to properly lock up their food source attractions.

“We want bears to stay wild and we want people to stay safe.”

Residents are also asked to report any sightings immediately to the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.

* This story has been updated with new information


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