New curriculum means changes to school calendar

More information being released about new school curriculum to be implemented

We’re slowly hearing more about the changes that are being made due to the Ministry of Education’s new curriculum implementation, and at Tuesday’s public meeting of the board of trustees, we heard more.

Assistant Superintendent Nevenka Fair told the board Tuesday the Ministry is providing and resourcing two “implementation days” this school year to allow for “teacher training” on the new curriculum.

As such, the current school calendar will need to change to accommodate those days.

The district’s Calendar Committee has met to consider possible options, the board was told, and it looks as though they may use one full-day and two half-days added as “non-instructional time” between February and May to allow for this training.

The committee will be approaching school principals and vice-principals for their input before finalizing the dates, however.

The district is striving to have the dates identified and shared with parents by the beginning of December so they have ample notice to make arrangements for their children for those additional times when they will not be in class.

Watch or the Mirror for that announcement when it’s made.