Mt. Washington steps up to help snow-impaired Mt. Seymour

Mt. Washington is honouring Mt. Seymour's seasons passes

Ski hills on the south coast lacking snow know each other’s pain.

That’s why Mount Washington has offered complimentary skiing and snowboarding to Mt. Seymour season pass holders while Mt. Seymour waits for more snowfall.

The offer is effective immediately and is based on the operational status of the Mystery Peak Express quad chair at Mt. Seymour.

When Mt. Seymour receives sufficient snow levels to operate, the offer will expire (with one week’s notice). Don Sharpe, Director of Business Operations and Marketing at Mount Washington Alpine Resort, said, “We are pleased to offer this opportunity to Mt Seymour Resort pass holders; we have been in the same situation.Hopefully Mt. Seymour’s guests will get the chance to experience the snow on the Island.”

A major low pressure system across east Vancouver Island brought over 60 cm of snow to Mt. Washington in the last week. The snow base is well above the 140 cm mark.