Microsoft isn’t that helpful

If someone calls and says you have a computer problem, don't listen, just hang up, advise Campbell River RCMP

Pay no attention to the man on the phone who claims to be from Microsoft.

Campbell River RCMP are warning the public about another phone scam currently making the rounds of the 250 area code.

This time the caller says they are from Microsoft and have detected a virus on your computer. They offer to fix the problem at no charge provided the computer owner downloads a specific program.

What the software does is allow the scammer to remotely access your computer and all its files.

“Allowing these people to take control of your computer is a very foolish idea,” says RCMP Sgt. Terry Deley. “These people will search the files on your computer for your personal information and install malicious programs on your computer, which they will use to scam you.

“They may even use your computer to commit other cybercrimes, which will then be traced back to you.”

The solution, he adds, is easy: Just hang up.

Microsoft does not call computer users and offers to fix non-existent problems.