Mayor aks: Got room in your home for construction workers?

Big projects coming to Campbell River, but more accommodations are required for work crews

Mayor Walter Jakeway has a plan to spread the wealth once construction crews for upcoming projects come to town.

Jakeway wants the city to consider putting up contractors in residential suites when two major projects – the new hospital and John Hart Dam generating station replacement – get underway.

“With major projects coming up, there’s going to be lots of people coming up here,” Jakeway said at a council meeting Aug. 14. “A great way to spread some income around town (would be) to get staff to look at accommodation in suites in homes.”

Coun. Claire Moglove agreed it was a creative way to accommodate construction workers, as an alternative to hotels and RVs.

She said it would be worthwhile to take a look at the city’s zoning bylaw as it relates to secondary suites and possibly consider changes to make it easier for homeowners to develop those suites.

Coun. Andy Adams made a motion asking city staff to provide council with the city’s R1 (residential) and R1A (residential with secondary suite) zoning regulations.

But Moglove said there was no rush to report back.

“In terms of timing, these people are not coming for at least a year,” said Moglove, who added council does not need the report back immediately. “Having said that, I do think this is something we should look at in any event.”

The John Hart Dam project is still undergoing a review by the BC Utilities Commission and should be complete by spring 2013. If it is approved, the estimated $1-$1.2 billion project could get underway by summer 2013. Hydro plans to have the first replacement generating unit in service by 2017, with project completion in 2018.