Leo to take Larry’s place

Larry was hit on Highway 101 near the San Francisco airport and killed.

The story of Larry – the dog lost by Air Canada – and the Campbell River couple who intended to adopt the Italian greyhound may still have a happy ending.

As it turns out, Larry has a brother, Leo, in need of a new home.

Jutta Kulic, who has been caring for Larry and Leo since their original owner – a friend of Kulic’s – died of cancer last year has arranged for Duncan and Lynda White to adopt Leo.

“Leo is our new Italian greyhound,” said Duncan White. “He is Larry’s brother from the same litter. When this whole incident started with Larry, (Kulic) mentioned that if Larry was not found that she had Leo as an alternative.”

Kulic confirmed on Oct. 25 that Larry, who had been missing since he was let out of his crate by Air Canada workers Oct. 7, was hit on Highway 101 near the San Francisco airport and killed.

Larry was supposed to fly from San Francisco to Vancouver then to Victoria where the Whites were to pick him up and bring him to his new home in Campbell River.

However, Larry’s flight to Vancouver was delayed and Air Canada workers opened Larry’s kennel, despite detailed instructions not to, because of the time delay, said Angela Mah, spokesperson for Air Canada.

“Employees had Larry’s well being as first priority when initially caring for him during the lengthy flight delay when he escaped,” Mah said.

Larry slipped out of his collar, bolted and ran out onto the highway where he was struck by a car and killed, said Kulic.

“He was critically injured and humanely euthanized, and I have the medical record,” Kulic posted on her Facebook page Oct. 25. “I also have contact names and numbers for the individuals who kindly picked him up from the road and took him in. One stayed with him through the end.”

For the past few weeks, Larry’s fate had been a mystery. No veterinarians in the San Francisco area had reported Larry coming in for treatment and there was no sign of him in the surrounding area where he had reportedly been hit.

Mah said Air Canada followed up with veterinarian clinics to determine what had become of Larry.

“Many of our employees are pet owners and animal lovers, and our San Francisco team in particular continued to hold out hope that Larry would be found safe, and had continued outreach on a daily basis to a number of organizations in the local area,” Mah said.

The Whites had also been holding out hope that Larry, who was to be a new companion for Duncan, would be found safe and sound.

The couple had carefully selected Larry based on mannerisms he shared with the Whites’ Italian greyhound who died of liver cancer in June. Duncan is battling the same disease and Lynda hoped Larry would be Duncan’s new companion.

After it was confirmed Larry had been killed, the Whites took Kulic up on her offer of adopting Larry’s brother Leo.

“When the status of Larry was determined, we contacted Jutta and made arrangements for Leo,” Duncan said. “Lynda will be flying to Ohio to escort Leo back.

“Apparently Air Canada is paying for the whole flight. This was requested by Jutta,” said Duncan, adding that “Air Canada has not called us about this.”

Mah confirmed Air Canada will provide assistance to the Whites.