Ken Blackburn is running for city council. Photo contributed

Ken Blackburn is running for city council. Photo contributed

CITY COUNCIL: Ken Blackburn announces candidacy for city council

Ken Blackburn has announced that he will seek a seat on city council in the coming election.

Blackburn has worked for many years in Campbell River advocating for the need to understand the essential economic, social and cultural connections that contribute to positive development within a community.

“This is a very important time for Campbell River. We have the ability to become a destination city for the world, both in terms of economic development and social leadership. We have the natural geography, rich cultural heritage and local entrepreneurs needed to bring forth an economy of positive growth,” Blackburn in a press release.

Blackburn has lived and worked in Campbell River for the past 18 years. He is currently the executive director of the Campbell River Arts Council and program manager for the Museum at Campbell River.

“I am passionate about Campbell River. I believe that leadership needs to be dynamic, engaged and trusted. A leader needs to understand the core relationship between the private sector and the not-for-profit sector within a community. Both contribute equally to a local quality-of-life and are dependent on each other for economic success.”

Blackburn has sat on numerous city committees over the years and has worked in a number of volunteer capacities. He has created over 800 community programs through his work

“I understand well community dynamics and what it takes to effect real change. I am looking forward to the election campaign to outline where we need to go to foster our economy, to face our social challenges together and to put in place the environmental awareness needed to ensure the Campbell River area grows in a sustainable manner in the years to come.

“We start by listening to each other, by bringing people together to speak to the complexity of our challenges, alongside sharing our vision for positive growth. I want to see Campbell River become the leading aquatic research centre for the coast. I want our community to be a leader in innovative housing options, in active transportation, in creating national calibre cultural facilities. Our theatre, our museum, our art gallery, our library, our downtown cultural events, public arts, heritage facilities – these will all lead the way in creating an atmosphere attractive to the relocation of creative industries and will serve as a compliment to our natural wildlife and parks tourism industry. We must be a leader in giving meaning to Reconciliation. We must provide space for inclusive, diverse community discussion. Our traditional industries of forestry and fishing must be supported through sustainable and community based approaches. All of this is possible with new voices on city council”

To contribute to Ken Blackburn’s campaign, contact him through his website or at

– From a submission by Ken Blackburn

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