Crews assemble cranes onto the John Hart Dam itself as the next phase of the John Hart Dam Generating Station replacement project.

John Hart work begins on dam

Mobilization is underway, including the assembly of two cranes

BC Hydro’s John Hart Generating Station replacement project has expanded its work to the John Hart Dam.

Mobilization is underway, including the assembly of two cranes that have installed large silt curtains within the reservoir to contain the work area and protect water quality.

“The cofferdam will begin construction soon and the silt curtains are in place to ensure fish and domestic water supply water quality guidelines,” says BC Hydro spokesperson Stephen Watson. “There will be no change in the reservoir level as a result of the project work.”

There are two silt curtains in the reservoir and they are separated by a wooden boardwalk.

Once the cofferdam is in place and the water between it and the John Hart dam is pumped out to create a dry workspace, InPower BC, the project contractor, will begin constructing the new intake so water can pass downstream of the dam and into the underground tunnel connecting to the powerhouse.

Work around the John Hart Dam area will continue for about three years. The Brewster Lake Road across the dam was closed on April 1 and will remain closed for the duration of that work.