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Go Fund Me raises nearly $7,000 for puppy attacked by cougar on remote North Island trail

Oakey’s health has continued to improve daily since the Feb. 24 attack.
Oakey’s health continues to improve daily after being attacked by a cougar on a remote North Island trail. (Jessica Shaw photo)

Nearly $7,000 has been raised to help pay Oakey’s vet bills.

Oakey, a 14-pound puppy, was attacked by a cougar on a remote North Island trail near Port Hardy back on Feb. 24. He miraculously survived the incident thanks to his owner Jessica Shaw and her friend charging at the cougar screaming at the top of their lungs, which scared the animal enough to release Oakey from its jaws.

Oakey was then rushed down island to Comox for emergency surgeries, which ended up saving his life. All told, the vet bill came in at over $13,000.

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Since then, financial support and well wishes for Oakey have been pouring in at a Go Fund Me page that was started by Shaw’s friend, Diane Fownes. As of Wednesday (March 23), $6,519 has been raised.

Shaw stated in an update on March 20 that her pal is continuing to improve daily.

“Next week he gets his head stitches removed which we are looking forward to,” she said, adding he’s still mostly resting other than little walks outside that are “the highlight of his day.”

Oakey has also started to get breaks from having to wear his protective cone, “and he’s just where he wants to be having a little cuddle with mama,” Shaw added. “I feel so blessed and amazed at all the kind words of support and compassion and am forever grateful for everyone’s generosity in donating to Oakey.”

If you want to donate to Oakey’s vet bills, please go to or search “Help Oakey” on Go Fund Me.


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