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UPDATED: Fire destroys trailer in Courtenay

Article updated Jan. 17 with comments from Courtenay Fire Department
This trailer, situated between two houses on Muir Road, was destroyed by fire Saturday night, Jan. 15. According to eyewitnesses, everyone escaped unharmed. Photo by Terry Farrell

Article updated Jan. 17 with comments from Courtenay Fire Department


Fire destroyed a trailer on a residential property on Muir Road in Courtenay Saturday night (Jan. 15).

Ryan LeBlanc, who lives across the street, stepped outside at about 9:30 p.m. and saw flames.

“I just stepped out onto the deck for a smoke, and as I was coming outside, one of my buddies noticed that there was a fire going on, so we went to see what was going on, yelled out to see if they needed help, but the fire department had already been called, so all we could do was stand and watch.”

The trailer was being used as a residence, but LeBlanc said the occupants all escaped.

“By the time we got out here, everyone was out and away from the fire,” he added. “I did hear a boom - not a big one, but a small one, as the flames were going.”

Courtenay Fire Inspector Greg Lamb said the trailer was fully involved by the time the engine arrived.

“I arrived on the engine, so I did not arrive first, but there was fire in the trailer, venting out the top (by that time),” he said.

The trailer’s proximity to adjacent structures proved challenging for firefighters.

“There was a house with a carport less than five feet from the trailer on the one side, and probably about 20 feet on the other side - it was between two mobile homes,” said Lamb. “We were lucky enough to arrive with six people in our truck, so we split it up; one line went to the fire and one line went to the exposures.”

Lamb said it took less than 10 minutes to knock the fire down.

He added that the fire appears to have been electrical in nature.

“Just an overloaded electrical outlet,” said Lamb. “Too many appliances into one plug.”

Lamb echoed the sentiments expressed by

Deputy Fire Chief Jonathan Welsh regarding electrical safety.

“Johnathan talked about it, that any electrical sources you are using such as power bars, etc., that you are not overloading your circuits.”
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