Fire department attends scene of vehicle driving into building

The Campbell River Fire Department was on scene Thursday morning dealing with smashed windows at the Shell gas station in Willow Point. No details were available at press time. Any updates will be posted at

The Campbell River Fire Department attended the scene of a vehicle driving through the Shell front door on Thursday morning in Willow Point.

Fire Chief Ian Baikie said it was a non-emergency response, but they were requested at the scene to assess the structural damage and because propane tanks at the scene had been disturbed.

“We were called because the incident had seen two racks of 20 lbs. propane cylinders driven into the store with the vehicle,” he said. “The scene is a police matter, we were there just to make sure it was safe.”

The RCMP have not yet responded to the Mirror’s request for comment on the incident.

“Once we confirmed that there was no propane leaking or likely to leak anytime soon and that the building was safe enough to continue with the investigation that was going on, we cleared from there,” Baikie said.