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Emergency Weather Alert posted for Campbell River’s people experiencing homelessness

Alert is a tool to help law enforcement assist those in need of shelter
The Extreme Weather Shelter located at 690 Evergreen Road will be providing spaces during the alert. Photo courtesy Google Maps

Campbell River’s community representative under the provincial Assistance to Shelter Act has issued an extreme weather alert the city.

Sue Moen is the representative who issued the alert on Dec. 14, which has not been rescinded as of Dec. 15. The alert was issued due to adverse conditions in the weather forecast, including 100 per cent humidity, a high chance of rain and some wind. Under the act, community representatives have the authority to issue the alerts, under which local police and RCMP have the capacity to assist people experiencing homelessness to shelters. Once at the shelter, the person transported there can make the decision whether or not to stay.

The shelter had been open only a few days per week, this announcement means it is open full-time until the end of March, 2021.

“We were short staffed so only able to open for a few days prior to this week,” Moen said in an email. “We are fully staffed now.”

According to a 2011 document published by the province about the Extreme Weather Response program, “the Act was created as a tool to support law enforcement officers to assist those who are homeless and sleeping outside during extreme weather conditions.”

“This EWA activates the authorities in the Assistance to Shelter Act for police to assist persons at risk due to extreme weather conditions and remains in effect until it is canceled,” said Moen’s order.

The Evergreen House shelter at 690 Evergreen Road will be providing spaces during the alert.

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