Water thunders over Elk Falls on Tuesday after BC Hydro opened the floodgates and allowed 10 times the normal flow through the John Hart Dam. See a video of the falls at www.campbellrivermirror.com.

Elk Falls provided quite a show on Tuesday

Even the weather couldn’t keep away the hundreds of people who made their way up to Elk Falls on Tuesday.

They made the trip to see our natural wonder flowing at 10 times its normal volume as BC Hydro diverted flow from its penstocks at the John Hart Dam and sent them down the canyon instead.

The flow was increased in order to deal with grass and wood debris that collects behind the dam. This debris needs to be removed a few times per year, as it restricts the water flow into the penstocks. Only once per year, however, do they need to reduce flows into the penstocks in order to do the work, diverting the water down the canyon, and producing the spectacular show at the falls.

The public will only get two more chances to see the falls at this kind of velocity. After the completion of the new generating station, there will no longer be a need to divert the flow to clean the water intake because of the way the new generating station works, so next year and 2018 will be public’s last two chances to see this kind of power flowing over Elk Falls.