ELECTION 2015: Why is your party the best choice to the country?

North Island-Powell River: Candidates state their case for your votes

Brenda Sayers, Green Party: The upcoming “Conference of The Parties 21” in Paris represents the last, best and only chance for humanity to avert a climate crisis and to prevent runaway global warming.

Only by electing Green Members of Parliament can we ensure Canada can lead in these critical negotiations. Our MPs will always work across party lines, because we understand the only way to make progress is through cooperation and mutual respect.

With the old parties’ support for new pipelines, increased tanker traffic, and expanded oil sands production, only Green MPs will show the way with realistic and pragmatic climate leadership. We will restore Canada’s role as a leader.

Our Carbon Fee and Dividend Plan will place a fee on carbon, and pay the funds it generates directly to every Canadian over age 18 in the form of an annual carbon dividend. This plan will defend our climate, diversify our energy mix, grow our economy, and ensure energy security for Canadians.

Given the current political landscape in Canada, it is highly unlikely that any of the parties will win a majority government.

After the election, the Green Party would be willing to collaborate with other parties to form a strong coalition government.

The Green Party could, as predicted by Rafe Mair, have the balance of power in the next parliament.

In such a situation we will insist on democratic reforms and climate action in exchange for a commitment not to bring down another party’s government on a confidence vote.


Peter Schwarzhoff, Liberal Party: Liberals have a strong team, led by a dynamic leader that is ready to offer better government in Ottawa.

And we have a bold plan that will create jobs with the most significant infrastructure investment in Canadian history – almost $60 billion in new funding over the next ten years; I will ensure that our region gets its share of that investment.

Our plan will grow the middle class by raising taxes on the wealthiest one percent and cutting taxes for middle class Canadians.

Putting money in the pockets of the average citizen will strengthen our local economy.

And our plan will help those working to join the middle class by investing in essential social infrastructure, including affordable housing, seniors’ facilities and child care, as well as providing more money to help families that need it with the high cost of raising their kids.

We will fund new opportunities for our youth looking for their first job, and offer skills upgrading for our under-employed.

Harper’s plan has failed. While middle class Canadians struggle to make ends meet, Harper gives billions in benefits to the wealthiest few and will do nothing to help Canadians get ahead.

Mulcair has no answers on the economy, irresponsibly supports Harper’s plan to give more money to millionaires, and will cut billions of dollars in public investments.

After a decade of Stephen Harper, only Liberals are offering new leadership and a new plan that will deliver real change so all Canadians can succeed.

Stephen Harper is taking Canada in the wrong direction.

If you are ready to take bold action to get Canada back on track, vote Liberal.


Rachel Blaney, NDP: The NDP is a party that cares about every single Canadian. I am so excited about the creation of a national childcare system that will cost no more than $15 a day. People all across this riding are looking for this kind of help to raise the standard of living for their families.

We’ll work with the provinces to bring in universal drug coverage that will lower the cost of prescription drugs by 30 per cent.

We will halt Harper’s $36-billion cut and instead increase health care transfer payments to the provinces. This will add 7,000 more health professionals. And we’ll add funding for home care for seniors and nursing home beds.

We will work with the province of BC to reduce raw log exports and ensure that BC logs create BC jobs.

We will promote value-added Canadian wood products and introduce an Innovation Tax Credit to help manufacturers invest in R&D and equipment that will keep their companies competitive. We will lower the Small Business Tax from 11 per cent to 9 per cent.

The NDP will protect our environment. We’ll rebuild environmental assessment regulations gutted by Stephen Harper and introduce a cap-and-trade system that sets emission limits on major polluters. As Prime Minister, Tom Mulcair will lead our delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris with firm targets to cut emissions.

We will replace the current culture of scandal and corruption in Ottawa with transparency and accountability. We will repeal Bill C-51. To make your vote truly count we’ll bring in proportional representation and repeal Harper’s so-called Fair Elections Act that’s already created grief at advance polls.

Harper’s efforts to minimize the number of Syrian refugees allowed into Canada are unacceptable and violate international law.

The NDP will admit 10,000 by the end of 2015 and 9,000 a year in future years.


Laura Smith, Conservative Party: Canada is doing well in a very uncertain global economic climate.  The Conservative Party offers strong leadership that is focused on building solid economic fundamentals upon which to grow our future prosperity.

We have lowered taxes and kept them low, because we understand that businesses need to be competitive, and that the best place for your money is in your pocket.  We have worked hard to return the budget to balance, because we understand that out of control spending leads to long term problems that can only be solved by tax increases, cuts to programs and services, or broken promises.  We have been focused on building markets for Canadian products, supporting innovation, matching skills development with job requirements, and ensuring Canada is a premier place for investment.  This is how you build a future.

Other parties are trying to convince you that we can make our problems go away, and that governments don’t have to set priorities if they are given more freedom to spend your money.  We, like you, know that this isn’t true.  Our promises are modest, but we know that we can achieve them in a balanced fiscal framework.  The Conservative Party has the plan that will build prosperity without impoverishing our future.