ELECTION 2014: Cortes seat eyed


Delia Becker

A community-minded Cortes Island woman is running for election as area director.

Delia Becker, who sits on the Advisory Board of the University of Victoria Centre for Co-operative and Community Based Economy, has put her name forward as a candidate for the position of regional director with the Strathcona Regional District.

Becker is up against incumbent Noba Anderson and candidate Bruce Brown.

Becker, who has been a director with the British Columbia Co-operative Association, says she’s running because she thinks she can be an effective voice for Cortes Island.

“I very much appreciate our way of life on Cortes Island and am ready to contribute more to the island,” Becker says. “A number of people whom I respect think I will be a very good regional director for Cortes Island. I realize I have the qualifications, attributes and background to be effective in the position.”

Becker holds a Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science degree and says she’s proud of the fact that she was the first female in her high school to take industrial arts.

Becker moved to Cortes in 1992 and has worked in the shellfish industry ever since, improving oyster and clam seed grow-out systems which are used all over the world, she says.

For several years, Becker has also worked with youth education programs and the Klahoose First Nation’s fisheries program as well as with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Becker says she believes her attitude and beliefs make her an ideal candidate.

“I have been invited to join committees and boards because I’m both practical and cooperative,” Becker says. “I believe in diversity of all kinds which I think are keys to a resilient community: cultural, economic, and natural. I believe in the democratic process, along with both the rights and responsibilities that it brings. I will recognize and address the issues we are facing now without compromising the future. For these reasons I ask you to support me on election day – Nov. 15.”

Becker says constituents can expect more on what Becker would bring to the role of regional director in the weeks leading up to the election.

Constituents are welcome to contact Becker by phone at 250-202-1673 or by email, deliabecker1@gmail.com.