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ELECTION 2014: Boat repair businessman puts oar in election water

CITY OF CAMPBELL RIVER: Christian, David – Councillor Candidate
David Christian

The owner of a local commercial fishing business is the latest to announce his bid to run for city council.

David Christian, also the owner of a small boat repair business and president of the Campbell River Harbour Authority, is hoping to secure a spot on council as city councillor as part of the CHOICE slate.

Christian says his experience on the Campbell River Fisherman’s Wharf board of directors has provided him with the experience he needs to be an effective city councillor.

“As volunteers in the running this not-for-profit organization, we recognize the harbour as an asset, and have the opportunity to manage it for the benefit of all that use

it,” Christian says. “As directors, we deal with similar issues as city council on a smaller scale. Things like budgets, capital spending, human resources, legal issues, working with other levels of government, and managing revenues by spending within our means. With the guidance of all the past and present directors, and our staff, our harbour is a success story.”

But Christian says he’s ready for a new challenge.

“I am at a stage in my life that would allow me to commit to giving back to the larger community of Campbell River as a dedicated, enthusiastic councillor,” Christian says. “I have lived the restructuring of the resource based economy, and understand the importance of carefully planning for a sustainable future by recognizing opportunities in diversity, sound financial planning, and recognizing strengths and successes.”

Christian, a married father to one daughter, was born in Ocean Falls in 1958 and moved with his family to Campbell River in 1961.

After graduating from high school, Christian moved briefly back to Ocean Falls for work at the mill but instead discovered an interest in commercial fishing and boating. Christian ended up fishing for a number of years as a crew man based out of Campbell River and then moved into a shipwright’s apprenticeship with B.C. Packers.

Christian ran one of their small shipyards, until the company was sold. But by then, he had bought his own fishing boat and went back fishing as an owner/operator. Locally, he began his shipwright service, primarily working on commercial fishing boats.

Christian says he likes where his community is headed and he wants to be at the forefront of it.

“I am very optimistic about Campbell River’s future, there is great potential for this town,” Christian says. “When a community is managed within its means, it benefits everyone.”

The upcoming municipal election is Saturday, Nov. 15. Christian is up against 16 other candidates running for city councillor.

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