The Coast Guard vessel Cape Palmerston pulls up to the cruise ship Volendam for a medical evacuation on Tuesday night.

Elderly man medevaced from cruise ship

An 83-year-old B.C. man had to be transferred off his holiday cruise and taken to hospital in Campbell River

A B.C. man was successfully medevaced from a cruise ship off Campbell River Tuesday night.

The 83-year-old man was suffering from an unknown medical problem when the ship’s doctor advised he be treated at hospital.

The man was aboard the southbound Volendam when Coast Guard was called around 7:30 p.m. to assist with the transfer.

Two ambulance paramedics joined the Coast Guard aboard the Cape Palmerston which sped out to meet the Holland America Line ship just off Cape Mudge.

The elderly man was lowered to the water line in life boat, transferred to the Cape Palmerston which then returned to the Discovery Harbour dock. He was then taken by ambulance to Campbell River Hospital.

As of Thursday, his condition was unknown.

“They felt it was prudent to get him off the boat,” said Phillip Hawkins, officer-in-chief of the Cape Palmerston.

Hawkins added this type of medical evacuation is not uncommon and this transfer went very well because there was still daylight and the sea was calm.

“Usually these things happen under the cover of darkness,” said Hawkins.