COPS focus on local school zones

Drivers sometimes become complacent during the summer months and develop bad driving habits

Citizens on Patrol and local RCMP are reminding drivers that school is back in and drivers need to be careful about any bad habits they may have developed over the summer.

Labour Day weekend signaled the return of children to school.

Drivers need to refocus particularly as it relates to driving with care in school zones.

“We all want our children to be safe from harm,” said RCMP Insp. Lyle Gelinas.

He added drivers sometimes become complacent during the summer months and develop bad driving habits.

“With children returning to school it becomes extremely important to adhere to posted speed limits, coming to full stops at intersections, remembering that pedestrians have priority at crosswalks, remaining alert and watchful,” said Insp. Gelinas.

Campbell River Citizens on Patrol assist the RCMP in Speed Watch and Cell Watch activities. Their involvement enhances public safety awareness. It also raises driver’s awareness by presenting a visual display of their respective speeds.

Reading the display board acts as reinforcement for drivers who adhere to posted speed limits and can also act as a wake up call for drivers who exceed the speed limit.

In addition motorists talking on their cell phones while driving are reminded that doing so is not only unlawful but also contributes significantly to pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents.

Campbell River Citizens on Patrol Speed Watch members will be focusing their efforts on school zones over the next few weeks.

When you see them set up and are passing by why not give them a wave or a thumbs up for their dedication and commitment to public safety.

Anyone interested in joining Campbell River Citizens on Patrol is encouraged to contact President Dave Jackson at 250-923-8362 or call your local RCMP Detachment at 250-286-6221.