City pays out $1.88 million more in 2015 salaries than in 2014

The City of Campbell River paid $17.76 million combined to its employees and city council members last year.

That’s $1.88 million more than the city paid out in salaries in 2014.

As mayor, Andy Adams was the top earner among council in 2015, bringing in $64,391 in remuneration and accumulating $6,927 worth of expenses.

Councillors Michele Babchuk, Charlie Cornfield, Colleen Evans, Ron Kerr, Larry Samson and Marlene Wright all earned $23,498 in 2015 – a slight increase over last year’s councillor stipend of $22,261.

Cornfield accumulated the most expenses among council, with $8,434 while Samson ($2,861) and Babchuk ($2,719) spent the least. While council made up $205,376 of what the city paid out in remuneration, the majority went to city staff which combined to make $17 million in wages last year.

The highest paid employees were General Manager of Operations Ron Neufeld, who as Deputy City Manager last year earned $165,846, and Dave Morris, general manager of facilities and supply management, who earned $156,261.

Ron Bowles, general manager of corporate services, garnered $137,129 in wages while Ross Milnthorp, the city’s general manager of parks, recreation and culture, made $134,071. Rounding out the list of top-paid workers were: Amber Zirnhelt, community planning and development services manager, who made $126,488, Capital Works Manager Jason Hartley, who earned $125,578, Transportation Manager Drew Hadfield with $115,415 in wages, Warren Kalyn, information technology manager, with $115,190, Utilities Manager Jennifer Peters, who earned $114,920, and Recreation and Culture Manager Lynn Wark, who made $111,314 in 2015.

A total of 60 other city employees also made more than $75,000 last year, including the city’s firefighters who were among some of the city’s highest earners.

Topping the list of wage earners at the fire department in 2015 were Fire Chief Ian Baikie, with remuneration of $163,872, followed by fire captains Ken Dawson, who earned $156,369, and Reid Wharton, who made $152,446.

ºOther top earners at the fire department included Deputy Fire Chief Chris Vrabel, who earned $148,269, Captain John Baker with $147,668, Captain John Vaton with $144,205 and Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Doherty, who earned $141,631.

The city also paid $9.1 million to employees who made less than $75,000 though the names of those employees are not publicly released.