The proposed new office building at 2220 Airport Drive, which council hopes will be just the first of a new interest in development in the area.

City of Campbell River hopes new office building near airport is just the beginning

Development permit issued for a 507 square-metre office building with warehouse space

Campbell River city council has given the green light to a new office building out near the airport, which it hopes will be just the first step in revitalizing the area.

At least week’s public meeting, the city issued a development permit for a 507 square-metre office building with warehouse space to be constructed at 2220 Airport Drive.

“For a long time – ever since we got the partnership money to expand the airport and do the terminal building – it has been envisioned that we’d get some more activity out there,” said Mayor Andy Adams during the discussion surrounding issuing the permit. “So this is great to see, and hopefully it’s just the start and we’ll get a couple more.”

The Sustainable Official Community Plan designates this area as “Business and Industrial Service Centre,” which the staff report recommending the development permit says the intent of which “is to provide an employment precinct that includes a range of business uses from limited service commercial uses to light and heavy industrial and institutional uses,” calling it “an intended growth area that will support intensive employment and related service industries within and outside Campbell River.”

The development permit was issued subject to the receipt of a performance security in the amount of $14,100 – 125 per cent of the estimated cost of the landscaping to be done on the property.