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CITY COUNCIL: Ron Kerr is running for re-election

Campbell River is at a crossroads.

Campbell River is at a crossroads.

I believe that this election is the most important in the history of our City.

When I ran for city council eleven years ago, I promised you that I was bringing Integrity, Accountability, Experience and Strong Values. Working with you to make Campbell River the best that it could be. I still believe that we can achieve that goal, but it will require change. Not business as usual.

Council has not been successful in solving the issues that are on top of everyone mind.

• Housing and Development, both residential and Industrial/ commercial

• Community safety, both Downtown and in our neighbourhoods.

• A City Hall culture which is out of touch with its citizens.

• Effective support for our primary foundation industries.

We are at a point in time where, without proper Council guidance our City will continue to descend into the dysfunction and lawlessness that we see in many cities around the country. We must have effective Leadership both from Council and senior staff or we will continue to flounder as we have for the last four years.

At present Campbell River Council politics are controlled by four out of seven votes.

Those four votes control Council decisions on main issues both in Open and In-camera Council meetings. In-camera meetings are held in private, and those decisions are rarely made public or transparent. It is the responsibility of Council to report out to the public those decisions that are made behind closed doors.

Without effective Council Leadership and direction, Senior management are left on their own. This is the behavior that has led Campbell River to this desperate situation.

There is a lack of affordable housing, jobs at risk, lawlessness on our streets, and a feeling of frustration and anger in our community.

To accept that this is the new normal and that social crisis is happening everywhere, is not the answer. To suggest that its up to senior governments to solve, is not the answer either.

The only answer is strong Leadership on Campbell River City Council aligned with a supportive Senior Management team at City Hall that can together take decisive action and forcibly advocate in Victoria for what we need.

Decisions need to be made. We need to put creative and bold solutions forward and we need to put the inertia of the last four years behind us.

I have worked independently and diligently with you over the last eleven years to make Campbell River a safer and better community. But I’m only one vote and to ultimately improve our community we need more like-minded individuals to work together for change. Please vote for them on October 15.

As a voter be aware that it is within your power to change the City Hall culture and the future direction of our City.

Campbell River is at a crossroads and Oct. 15 will determine the future of your government and your community.

Please vote Ron Kerr for Re-election to Campbell River City Council.

You can find more information at

– submitted by Ron Kerr