Chihuahua killed by pitbull

By the time she regained her balance and turned around Mya was dead

Mya was killed by a pitbull on Aug. 1 while on a walk with her owner Carol Strachan on Hilchey Road.

Carol Strachan’s chihuahua, Mya, was attacked and killed by another dog on one of their daily walks last Monday.

Strachan has been walking down Hilchey with Mya for the last seven years and never felt unsafe or threatened by another dog. On Monday she heard voices and barking, and decided she had better pick Mya up, but before she could, a pit bull came running across the street and bumped into her, causing her to stumble. She said that by the time she regained her balance and turned around Mya was dead.

“What I saw was the guy pulling Mya out of the dog’s mouth,” she said. “I’m so devastated.”

Strachan called the police. She said they took down the names of witnesses and turned the dog over to animal control.

Bylaw officer Karl Read said that Coastal Animal Services, who are contracted by the city to enforce animal bylaws,  have a pit bull in the pound and that an investigation is underway. The owners name was not released.

Strachan said she will be upset if the dog is allowed to live, and she feels the dog will be a danger to the neighbourhood if it is allowed to go home.

“I was lucky I didn’t have my grandkids at the time because they would hang on to the leash,” she said.

The Campbell River animal control bylaws, that can be found on the city’s website, require that dogs be on leash at all times within the city unless in an off-leash dog park. The bylaw also states that no person shall keep a dog in the city that has killed or injured a person or domestic animal.

Strachan suggested that something should be done about pit bulls.

Read said the investigation into Mya’s death is ongoing and the findings of the investigation will determine what is done with the dog who killed her.