Carihi Mirror: Counsellors at Carihi make rounds for next year’s courses

Course discussion time has arrived for students of Carihi and with the latest course guide out.

Maralyn Lloyd and John Bowers are keeping busy talking to students about courses for the upcoming school year.

Course discussion time has arrived for students of Carihi and with the latest course guide out, counsellors are ready to assist and help prepare for next year.

“This is one of our busier times of the year,” said John Bowers, Carihi counsellor.

Over the next couple weeks, much of the counsellors’ time will be spent outside of their offices.

They will be going to classes, making up sheets for course selection, and answering plenty of questions.

Bowers and counselling partner Maralyn Lloyd made a visit to École Phoenix Middle School to talk to the soon-to-be Grade 9’s. High school expectations, courses and helpful transition tips were all discussed with the students.

“We give them a bunch of information to think about, ask questions and take the information home [to parents],” said Bowers.

In the 2017/18 course guide, there are some new things inside.

“Your school personnel will often determine which electives you can offer,” said Bowers.

There is a new program for Grade 9 French Immersion students called ‘The Tyee Program’.

This program offers the chance to learn and be active by having math, science, a P.E. class and an outdoor ed class all in one semester.

Carihi is also offering a new elective: fly fishing.

This course welcomes both beginners and avid fly-fishers, where they will cast away into things from fishing techniques to fly and knot tying, and also participating in field trips to local rivers.

There are also many notable courses offered at Carihi that are not necessarily new.

There is the emergency medical responder course, hockey academy program, specialty sports courses, chef and cafeteria programs, forestry program, and University 1 at the North Island College.

“[The] electives we run is always determined by the interests with the kids,” said Bowers.

Bowers also said that this is generally an exciting time for students, where the majority comes from the upcoming Grade 9s.

The Grade 12s are excited too, but in a different way. Particularly for prom and graduation, which can also evoke some sadness.

Bowers also commented on how far education has come, since he was a student himself.

“Learning is really cool these days,” said Bowers. “[There are] way more opportunities for kids to explore potential careers and futures.

A Grade 8 parent information night was held on Feb. 20.

A parent meeting for current grades 9 to 11 will be held on Feb. 27.

Students are encouraged to discuss their courses with guardians in order to make the best decisions for them.