Campbellton gets city’s attention

CITY BRIEFS: Councillor thanks city staff and council Tuesday night for sidewalk improvements underway in Campbellton

Coun. Ron Kerr thanked city staff and council Tuesday night for sidewalk improvements underway in Campbellton.

“Included in this year’s budget is more than 2,800 feet of sidewalk, that’s over a half a mile of sidewalk that’s going into the Campbellton neighbourhood,” Kerr said. “I’d like to compliment council and staff for this extraordinary improvement to the walkability, bicycling and pedestrian safety in Campbellton.”

Kerr also acknowledged 17th Avenue residents who presented the city with a petition asking that their street be included with sidewalks going in on 14th Avenue, 15th Avenue, Redwood Street and Spruce Street.

“There will be opportunities in future years to improve areas which are presently lacking safe sidewalks,” Kerr said.


Water bans


Council Tuesday granted City Manager Andy Laidlaw the power to authorize water bans at a moment’s notice.

With the recent warm, dry summer weather, Campbell River residents have already exceeded the city’s 765 litres per second that is allotted for domestic water use. Residents used more than 800 litres/second at the end of June and beginning of July which leaves less water for fire suppression.

Laidlaw will be able to implement water restrictions should they become necessary which will eliminate the need to schedule a special council meeting to get authority from council to enact water bans.


Praise for Spirit Square


Coun. Andy Adams is impressed with the work done by Spirit Square coordinator Jim Creighton.

“I wanted to extend congratulations and appreciation to Jim Creighton,” Adams said. “The Thursday night summer concert series started last Thursday night and there were close to 800 people in attendance to hear Reunion and it was absolutely outstanding.

“Then, (Tuesday), there was close to a couple hundred people sitting there having lunch thanks to the Heart of the City BIA who are sponsoring the summer lunch series.”

Adams said council is looking forward to a busy summer in Spirit Square.

Spirit Square hosts live music every Thursday evening from 7-9 p.m. until Aug. 28 and Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m.-1:15 p.m. until Aug. 26.