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Burial of equipment on beach raises witnesses’ suspicions; Quadra RCMP called

Quadra RCMP Weekly Report Sept. 12 – Sept. 18

Quadra RCMP Weekly Report Sept. 12 – Sept. 18

Check well being

On Sept. 12, a concerned individual advised that there was a vehicle parked at the head of a popular hiking trail since the previous Saturday.

The driver had been seen leaving the vehicle with her dog to go on the hike and hadn’t been seen since. Officers were able to contact the owners of the vehicle who confirmed they had lent the vehicle to their friend and she was going to return later Monday.

In an abundance of caution officers checked in with with the hiker later that day and confirmed she had returned safely.

Unusual activity

On Sept. 14, Quadra RCMP received a report of a suspicious incident at the beach near Weway Road.

A metal boat with a white radar on top arrived on the shore and soon after a man left the boat and buried an item in the sand before departing. Officers were able to locate the boat and spoke with the occupants who advised they were operating a drone and under water cameras in relation to undersea Internet lines coming to the island. The men worked for a reputable company and had reasonable explanations for their somewhat suspicious behaviour. Officers were satisfied with the explanation and advised the complainant of the outcome.

Break and Enter

On Sept. 14, Quadra RCMP received a report that a utility building on Weway Road was broken into sometime in the past week. Multiple items inside were taken. The matter is still under investigation.

Suspicious vehicle

On Sept. 15, a concerned citizen reported that a truck was parked in an odd location in the South end of the island. The complainant was concerned as they had never seen the vehicle before. The vehicle was located soon after close by and parked safely in the driveway of the registered owner. The complainant was updated.

– Const. Rebekah Draht, Media Relations Officer, Quadra Island RCMP

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