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B.C. woman reconnects $1,000 cash to owner after finding it on the ground

Money found in envelope outside RBC branch at Nanaimo shopping centre
A Good Samaritan picked up an envelope with $950 and turned it over to RCMP, who were able to return the money to the person who lost it. (News Bulletin file photo)

An envelope containing nearly $1,000 found outside a Nanaimo bank branch has been reunited with its owner, thanks to the woman who found it and turned it over to the RCMP.

According to a Nanaimo RCMP press release, a woman told police she’d just stepped out of the ATM vestibule at the RBC branch in Brooks Landing shopping centre March 2 at about noon when she noticed an envelope on the sidewalk.

“She picked it up, and then looked around for anyone who appeared to be frantically searching for it. Seeing no one, she drove directly to local RCMP detachment to turn it over,” noted the press release.

The detachment’s front doors were locked that Saturday, and so the woman returned the following Monday to report the found money.

Several days later, police received a phone call from the bank branch manager informing them that one of their clients had reported losing a large sum of money. The client called RCMP and explained the situation, and after verifying the amount, the denominations and where it was most likely lost, police returned the $950.

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