The John Hart Dam and John Hart reservoir. BC Hydro photo

The John Hart Dam and John Hart reservoir. BC Hydro photo

BC Hydro alerts Campbell River residents to siren test

John Hart facility public warning system will be tested morning of Wednesday, Oct. 20

BC Hydro is giving residents of Campbell River a heads up that it will be testing the John Hart facility’s public warning system on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 20.

“Public safety is very important to BC Hydro,” said Stakeholder Engagement Advisor Stephen Watson. “We know people enjoy the Campbell River, so this is a reminder that this is a hydroelectric system where river flows may change quickly, whether planned or unplanned.

“A key public awareness component about the potential hazards along the Campbell River is through our public warning system. Our sirens will engage to warn of quick increases in river flows. Permanent river safety signage is in place to advise what the siren sound means, and when heard, to move out of the river channel.”

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The sirens will be tested from John Hart Dam down to Second Island, which is an island within the river, downstream of the powerhouse tunnel outlet.

They are expected to run for about five minutes.

“We are also approaching the November to January storm season where river flows may be high, and changing, as we may increase or decrease flows out of our John Hart facility during low and high ocean tides for flood risk management considerations,” warned Watson.

“Please be cautious.”

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