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B.C. surrogate mom helps to create unique families across Canada

Jordyn Miller is a mother of two and surrogate of four children

A B.C. mother of two and surrogate to four has helped grow all types of families around the world.

Jordyn Miller’s journey as a surrogate began after delivering her second child. She said that she knew both of her pregnancies had been relatively easy but didn’t realize the extent of her privilege until her loved ones began opening up about their heart-wrenching struggles with infertility.

Initially, Miller began researching surrogacy as a way to understand what those struggling to grow a family were going through. Soon, she realized that her gift of fertility may be her opportunity to make a life-changing positive impact on the lives of people across the globe who dream of a family, like she has.

“It was not a path I had ever really thought about before.”

Miller signed up with an agency and after completing extensive physical and psychological testing, she was matched up with a family. She now works for a ‘boutique’ agency called SurroCanada.

“Even my doctors said you have the right body for this,” laughed Miller.

In her first experience as a surrogate Miller grew twins, which she admits was the most challenging of all her five pregnancies.

Miller explained that a common concern that people express is around surrogacy is the emotional load involved in carrying another family’s baby, and that the emotional aspect is real, but from the start she knew “I’m not giving a baby away, I’m assisting a family.”

She explained that as a surrogate you are not just helping the parents, but also the grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of the intended family.

There are internal therapists and support groups available for both surrogates and intended families, within the agencies that facilitate the arrangements.

“I’ve always been very connected with the babies that I’ve grown in my body, but it’s different with surrogacy, it’s not my baby.”

Since the twins, Miller has carried two other surrogate pregnancies, one of them was while her family was living in Lake Country.

Each family is unique in their involvement through the pregnancy and birthing process, but Miller said that she and her family have created lifelong bonds with each of the families that she has helped.

Some of the families live in other countries while others are within driving distance and Miller and her family are able to visit on special occasions.

She took a maternity photoshoot with the intended family from Lake Country, and has stayed in touch with all of the families she has helped. Miller said that her family has attended birthday parties for the children she has carried and cares for them deeply. However, the connection between the babies and their families is always at the forefront of Miller’s mind.

Immediately after the babies are born, Miller said her first thought is “let them go to their parents.”

She said that of course she wants to snuggle the sweet newborns, but skin-to-skin bonding is crucial and ensuring that the parents immediately get their time with the baby has been at the forefront of her mind in all deliveries.

Miller said that her husband and children have been supportive and caring throughout her journey in surrogacy.

She is not planning on carrying another pregnancy in the near future and has completed her journey as a surrogate unless one of the three families she has already helped wants to grow.


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