Alcohol leads to another foolish crime

Another drunken episode has 23-year-old Anthony Galligos back in jail.

Another drunken episode has 23-year-old Anthony Galligos back in jail.

Galligos has been locked up since Dec. 14, when he was tracked down and bitten by a police dog. He was found with two bottles of booze stolen from the Fusilli Grill.

Galligos has a history of alcohol-related offences, none more serious than his conviction last April for sexual interference with a person under age 16.

According to Crown prosecutor Adrienne Venturini, Galligos was drinking with a 13-year-old girl, a family friend, when he made sexual advances.

Galligos received a one-year jail sentence and was ordered to take counselling for the sex crime as well as his alcoholism.

However, he missed counselling sessions and was charged with breach of a probation order.

Judge Peter Doherty expressed grave concern that Galligos is an untreated sex offender and is either unable or refuses to complete the counselling.

He sentenced Galligos to 30 days jail for the breach of probation, to be followed by 12 months probation, during which time he must complete counselling or face longer terms behind bars.

For the charge of possession of stolen liquor, Galligos received time served and was ordered to stay away from the Fusilli Grill.

According to Venturini, just after 1 a.m. on Dec. 14, two men were seen running from the Fusilli Grill on Dogwood Street after the restaurant’s alarm system sounded. When police arrived, they found two  rocks that had been used to break the glass door.

An RCMP officer, along with a police dog, followed a track north on Dogwood, across the Carihi Secondary fields and along Ridge Road. The dog led the officer to Galligos who was found heavily intoxicated with half-filled bottles of Lamb’s Navy Rum and Jack Daniels.

Another man was also found nearby, also in possession of two bottles of liquor.

Both men were bitten by the police dog and taken to Campbell River Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Colin Drake was the other man arrested and his case is still pending. He is charged with break and enter, and possession of stolen property.

As for Galligos, during a court appearance in 2010 for a drunken assault of another man, Judge Allan Gould noted, “Alcohol makes fools of everybody…and makes them do things they wouldn’t normally do,” he said in handing Galligos a four-month jail sentence.