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Alberta mom of a missing Vancouver Island man continues search despite dead ends

Wanda Anderson working to find her son, Jayson Anderson, since he disappeared from Victoria in July
Jayson Anderson went missing July 2022 and his mother is searching for him. (Courtesy of Wanda Anderson)

One mother is on the search for her son who went missing over six months ago from Victoria.

Jayson Anderson went missing after having a procedure at Royal Jubilee Hospital in July of last year. His mother, Wanda Anderson, has been searching for him ever since.

Wanda said her son has been homeless in Victoria for about 10 years and frequently stayed at Rock Bay Landing Shelter. He stayed there one night following his procedure, but hasn’t been heard from since.

He was last seen July 15, 2022.

On top of coping with her diagnosis of lung cancer, which she learned of in October, Wanda has been trying to locate her son from her home province of Alberta. With the help of her niece, she has been able to reach hundreds of people, but there still has been no luck.

“No one has seen a thing,” she said. “Either they totally did not see him or they just didn’t want to say anything. But I believe someone would have said something after all this time.”

She said he was popular at the shelter because he did the landscaping for the backyard. The shelter told her they msis his green thumb, but were unable to give her any more information.

Jayson had a charismatic personality, Wanda said, that allowed him good jobs in the past, but his mother said he struggled with addiction issues.

Jayson would sometimes become paranoid and had a tendency to go on rants, which would often result in his being asked to leave the shelter.

When that happened, Jayson would often sleep in a tent in Beacon Hill Park.

Though she has been unable to travel to Victoria to look for her son herself because of her diagnosis, Wanda said she and her husband are planning to make a trip in May if nothing new comes to light.

She has also posted information about him on Facebook, garnering hundreds of shares, and has contacted outreach teams that has passed out posters in Victoria.

“I’m hoping to bring some things for the other homeless people and maybe someone will talk to me,” she said.

Jayson was 51 when he went missing. He is 6’0”, with a medium build, short brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information about Jayson Anderson should contact Victoria Police Department at (250) 995-7654, extension 1. To report anonymously, call Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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