Adams’ election expenses would appear to be money well spent

The top spenders in the 2014 municipal election were all elected to Campbell River city council

According to local election expense reports, it pays off to be a big spender.

The top spenders in the 2014 municipal election were all elected to Campbell River city council.

Andy Adams more than doubled the amount of money spent by his challengers for the mayor’s chair with expenses of $17,329.

Of that, $8,965 came from individual donors while $8,227 came from corporations such as Seymour Pacific ($1,000), Berwick ($500) and Upland Construction ($500).

The runner-up, Walter Jakeway, spent far less at $5,096. All of Jakeway’s expenses were funded by individual donors only.

Mayoral candidate Steve Wood, who finished third at the polls, spent $2,455, collecting $1,040 in donations from individual donors and $750 from trade unions.

Of the candidates who were elected to city council, Colleen Evans spent the most at $10,296, followed by Larry Samson at $8,737 and Michele Babchuk with expenses of $6,585. Councillors Charlie Cornfield ($5,043), Ron Kerr ($3,722) and Marlene Wright ($3,071) spent the least among the successful candidates.

Among those who ran for council but were not elected, Jim Parnell spent the most at $4,874 followed by incumbent Claire Moglove who spent $4,182 and former councillor Ziggy Stewart at $4,158.

Other contenders who weren’t elected spent the following: Les Lengyel ($3,703), Marcia McKay ($2,389), Bob Bray ($1,824), and David Christian ($1,613).

Those who spent the least were Darryn Striga at $554, Todd Jones at $980 and finally, Peter Klobucar who spent just $20.  Striga, Jones and Klobucar also collected the fewest votes on election day with 1,533, 657 and 366 respectively.

Strathcona Regional District:

In Area D, it was a different story.

The biggest spender was not the director elected.

Challenger Terry Honig spent $8,180 on the election with $4,180 coming from individual donors and $3,650 donated by corporations.

Incumbent and elected director Brenda Leigh spent $3,587 with $2,233 coming from individual donors. Leigh accepted $0 from corporations.

Similarly, in Area B (Cortes Island), elected director and incumbent Noba Anderson spent $1,359 while challenger Delia Becker spent more at $1,518 and Bruce Brown had total election expenses of $760.