Morgan Stewart-Webb’s father Noah performed life-saving CPR after the early baby failed to breathe when he was delivered at their Quadra Island home.

A hero from the moment of birth

Noah says he is very thankful for the training he has received with the volunteer fire department

As little Morgan Stewart-Webb grows up on Quadra Island he won’t have to look far for a hero.

That hero will be his dad, Noah Webb, 25, the volunteer fire fighter who saved Morgan’s life at the moment of birth.

In mid-August Morgan’s mom, Amanda, 28, went into labour three days early and gave birth in the couple’s backyard wading pool.

“We thought we had lots of time,” Noah says. They didn’t. Often babies take a few seconds to breath, but baby Morgan did not and when the midwife could not find a pulse the 911 call was made. That’s when two and a half years of constant fire department training kicked in.

“I’ve done quite a bit of training to do CPR, but I never thought I’d have to use it. I inserted an airway and I continued to bag him,” Noah says.

With the baby not showing signs of life Noah says he “kind of fell apart and lost it because I knew at that point there was a slim chance he would be resuscitated.”

Noah’s fellow first responders arrived quickly and the baby, still not breathing, was rushed to the ferry. Mid-channel on the ferry trip to Campbell River General Hospital the infant started breathing. Noah said Morgan took a breath, then another and continued breathing sporadically on the way to hospital.

The infant was flown to Victoria General Hospital and is now back at home with no residual ill effects from his perilous start in life.

Noah says he is very thankful for the training he has received with the volunteer fire department. “I am grateful to be part of the organization and it was very comforting to know the crew who arrived to help.”

While it may not mean much to Morgan just yet, BC Ferries has honoured the baby with a free ferry pass for life.