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17th avenue residents want their share of street improvements

A petition with 21 signatures has been presented to council, asking for more
Construction is underway on 15th Avenue

Residents living along 17th Avenue are feeling left out in the cold.

While neighbourhood streets around them are being improved by the city, their street is quiet and untouched.

A petition with 21 signatures has been presented to council, asking for more.

“We, the undersigned on 17th Ave between the new Island Highway and Redwood St. request the city of Campbell River fill in the storm ditches and provide new sidewalks,” the petition reads.

The residents say 17th Avenue should be included in the sidewalk in-fill program currently in progress along 14th Avenue, 15th Avenue, Redwood Street and Spruce Street.

The city is spending $283,964 on new sidewalks, predominantly in the Campbellton area.

The sidewalks are being built in an attempt to link already existing sidewalks and crosswalks, but, in the case of Spruce Street, the sidewalk is being installed on the side of the road opposite the ditch.

“There would have been a fair amount of drainage work required first before we would’ve been able to put the sidewalks in,” said Ron Neufeld, the city’s general manager of operations, at the June 24 council meeting.

“That wasn’t part of this budget, so it was more economical to put them in on the east side.”

The city’s 2014 sidewalk infill program will see roughly 1,642 metres of concrete sidewalks installed, 12.8 square metres of concrete driveway restoration and 1,518 metres of concrete barrier and mountable curbs put in.

Funding for the project is being split between the city’s Community Works Fund which is funded by Gas Tax revenue from the federal government, and through Development Cost Charges which the city collects through new development.