Lessons learned, repairs underway in Kamloops after water plant shutdown

Kamloops water systems upgraded after plant quits

KAMLOOPS, B.C. — The City of Kamloops is taking steps to ensure another unexpected shutdown of its water treatment plant can’t happen again.

Residents were told to use water for only essential needs last Wednesday after the plant quit because of a possibly blown transformer.

Mayor Peter Milobar says crews have now determined the problem was caused by water entering an electrical cable and the resulting short circuit affected software and the transformer.

He says back-up systems are being improved and a temporary back-up is in place while the transformer is repaired. 

Officials were criticized for waiting five hours before announcing water restrictions after the plant stopped working.

Milobar defends the decision, saying enough treated water remained in the reservoirs to keep the city going for at least another 12 hours. (CHNL)

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