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Local centre for mindfulness and inspiration has a vision for the future

Centre for Inspired Living Campbell River seeks to build a retreat to enrich lives
Centre for Inspired Living Campbell River wants to create a place that will enrich lives.

Imagine a retreat and education centre that includes youth and adult retreats, after-school programs, community events, mindfulness features, family activities, environmental education, re-wilding and a maintained trail network.

This is the vision that the Centre for Inspired Living has for everyone in the Strathcona Regional District.

To enable them to be active in helping and inspiring people, the Centre team would like to create a local retreat experience that can be accessed daily by everyone, a space that is intentionally designed to nurture contemplation, compassion, community, healing and growth.

“When most people imagine a retreat they think of it as being for the elite, and costing a lot of money,” says Spiritual Director Jill Brocklehurst-Booth. “We’re a charity, and we want to make it known that this space will be accessible to everyone!”

“Connecting with nature helps us to connect with ourselves,” she notes.

Founded in 2003, the non-profit Centre exists to help transform individual lives, and has taught hundreds of students through 84 classes, and hosted hundreds of community events.

Guided by principles of Connection, Oneness, Wellbeing, Vision, Growth and Making a Difference, the team works to inspire and uplift individuals so that all of life flourishes through wellness, self-expression and empowerment.

To further support these goals, the centre is looking for collaborators, contributors, donors, land trust, old land claims philanthropists and/or partners to join them in creating the retreat – a special place where individuals can make positive changes in their life. They envision a 25- to more than 100-acre Regenerative Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre, host to multiple non-profits and community-based organizations.

Also find a YouTube video for a visual impression of the what the property could look like and to gain a feeling of the nature of the intended space.

Ready to learn more?

The Centre offers classes, workshops, groups, and events designed to inspire and empower individuals to increase their well-being and consciousness.

Some of these powerful and life-changing events include:

  • Leap Into Life: Mastermind Group
  • Practice the Presence: Meditation (in-person)
  • How to be Whole: Ongoing Workshops
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Sharing Circle
  • Opening the Floodgates to Riches Workshop
  • Living the Secrets of Nature: Weekly Insight
  • Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Course

Learn more about the Centre on their website, on Facebook and Instagram, donate online, or for more information about how you can help a great cause email, or call them at 250-850-3064.

Imagine a retreat that includes re-wilding, environmental education, and a well-maintained trail network.
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