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Investments are just one part of a secure financial plan

Big returns are nice, but without guidance from an experienced advisor your wealth may not grow
Aaron Robertson is a Portfolio Manager with Alitis Investment Counsel. He says there’s more to wealth management than just investments, and a good advisor can help you make wise decisions.

It’s hard to resist those advertisements for online self-serve investment companies. They’re very tempting — who doesn’t like the idea of low-fee, high-return investments that allow you to retire early? But there’s more to creating wealth than just profitable investments.

“Investments are just part of the story. One of the biggest downfalls people have is thinking that investments are the only factor in growing wealth,” says Aaron Robertson a Portfolio Manager with Alitis Investment Counsel. “Often my new and potential clients just haven’t been taught that there’s more to wealth management. I help them figure out the various of their financial life.”

Choosing investments with steady growth is just the beginning. Robertson says you should also work with an expert to develop a savings plan, a tax planning strategy, estate planning strategies, wealth protection strategies and more.

“An investment that offers a 10 per cent return is good. But what if we could save you 20 per cent in taxes, by building a better tax strategy? There’s lots to consider when you’re trying to grow wealth.”

The steady hand of a wise advisor

Robertson says another common mistake investors make is panicking when markets go down. That’s why he does his best to prepare his clients, and when investments are doing well he reminds them that downturns happen too.

“The worst thing you can do is pull money out when the market’s at its lowest,” Robertson says. “When we look at the last major downturn in 2008 or even the shorter dip at the beginning of the pandemic, people who left their investments alone are far better off now than those who sold in the middle of the downturn.”

Among clients at Alitis, who must have minimum $250,000 in household assets, most have the ability to ride out market fluctuations and wait for growth to return.

Diversification also helps protect Robertson’s clients from market fluctuations, and because Alitis offers private and alternative investments it’s easier to add more diversification to a portfolio. With a suite of investment products managed in-house by the Alitis Investment Committee, it’s easy to make moves with speed and precision.

Aaron Robertson lives with his family in Campbell River, which he’s called home for most of his life. When he’s not advising his clients on all things financial, you can find him enjoying the outdoors or coaching his kids in a variety of sports.

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