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Investment that make sense: Bringing some stability to financial planning

Local investment company uses innovative investment solutions
Boutique investment counsel uses alternative investments to help diversify your portfolio.

There’s no denying that this past year was stressful, marked by challenges and uncertainty. Specifically, the world of investments offered quite the roller coaster ride.

So, how do you keep your finances on track?

Alitis Investment Counsel is a boutique investment counsel that manages alternative investment strategies and follows a data-driven approach. The result is exceptional performance, while also managing and limiting risks for clients, for a one-of-a-kind investing experience.

Alternative Investments

Through volatility in the stock markets and low interest rates in the bond market, Alitis recognized the challenges associated with the traditional way of investing – specifically, an environment of lower yields and increased risk.

To increase diversification, they’ve designed investment solutions that use a wider variety of asset classes and investment approaches.

The aim of adding alternative investments is to deliver stable risk-adjusted returns through a variety of market conditions. In 2020, their approach resulted in the investment funds they manage doing well, despite market volatility.

While public markets, such as stocks, were heavily impacted in March, alternative investments such as the private mortgages and private real estate funds managed by Alitis, performed better. As private sector investments, they didn’t get caught up in the wave of people selling stocks, for example, throughout March. Rather, these alternative investments held up well through the downturn and provided Alitis’ clients with a more stable ride than many other investment choices.

In deviating from the traditional approach to investing and building a portfolio, Alitis has limited the effects of the major market events in 2020 on clients’ portfolios. Rather, as Aaron Robertson an Associate Portfolio Manager at Alitis put it, “Our Investment Committee designed our pools and funds to be more stable than the public markets. This past year, the portfolios reacted as expected and, when looking at our one year returns at year end, many of our clients saw solid returns in their Alitis portfolios.” The performance over the past year solidifies the effectiveness of their meticulous and progressive investment process.

1 Year Performance - Annualized

Alitis Strategic Income Pool


Income & Growth Pool




Alitis Private Mortgage Fund




Alitis Private Real Estate LP







Alitis’ minimum is $250,000 of investable assets per household. Returns are for Class E Units, as of December 31st, 2020. The investments are not guaranteed; their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated.

Their unique investment solutions also provide access to asset classes that’s typically only available to high net worth or institutional investors.

Backed by a team of professionals with more than 100 years of collective industry experience, they’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, thought-provoking advice and exceptional service – putting you in good hands! Be sure to watch for the coming article, where you get to meet the team.

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