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Inside this bubble there’s laughter, safety and community

Independence shouldn’t mean isolation, it should mean freedom and support to pursue your passions
At Berwick by the Sea residents are safe and independent. Millie and Jean learned about Hawaiian culture from a fellow resident who hosted a luau.

What’s the safest place for a senior during the COVID-19 pandemic?

At home? In care? Where can you feel safe, but also free?

Some people believe it’s in their own home, but without the proper supports Aging in Place can be isolating. You may end up feeling more cooped up, not more free.

Long-term care homes seemed like a safe choice too, but after months of heartbreaking stories they seem a lot less safe.

There’s another option. A place where you’re free to engage with your neighbours or relax in your private home. Where dinner is served on your schedule, at your choice of venue. Where you can feel independent, connected and safe, even in a global pandemic.

“I believe I’ve been in one of the safest places I could be with the pandemic raging. We are so looked after and protected by the staff, who guided us through the change with cheerful and loving ways,” says Marlene, a resident of Berwick by the Sea.

Lesley Sikorski, Director of Sales and Marketing for Berwick Retirement Communities, says the last nine months have been full of challenges, but regular disinfecting, housekeeping, cleaning and screening are keeping the community safe. And seniors who’ve made the decision to move into a Berwick residence have never looked back.

“I feel very safe in Berwick. There’s no need for grocery shopping, and always someone to socialize with. No dealing with contractors, tradesmen, or the house,” says Hazel, also a resident of Berwick by the Sea. “On your own, you’re very vulnerable! I wish I had moved in sooner.”

Connected, engaged, safe

“The sky is not a limit at Berwick and we look for opportunities to empower our older adults to achieve their goals, despite being in the middle of a pandemic,” Sikorski says. “One thing is for sure, COVID has not stopped us from continually embracing life and independence.”

Every Berwick community is different, but there’s always plenty of programming to promote all aspects of health and wellness. These are a few of the activities residents at Berwick by the Sea have enjoyed this fall:

  • Happy Hour Sing Along: Most live music venues are closed, but Berwick continues to host local musicians for concerts. Residents are welcome to sing and dance while enjoying cocktails from the bar.
  • Virtual Bike Tour: Staff brought stationary bikes into the theatre, played motivating music and put a video on the big screen that made it feel like residents were biking in the French countryside.
  • Luau: Residents are always encouraged to share their talents, so one Berwick by the Sea resident hosted a Luau to teach the hula and share her culture.

Berwick by the Sea is a retirement community that provides meals, housekeeping and engaging programs for Independent Living and Enhanced Living Services. Contact Gareth Wood for more information by calling 250-850-1353 or emailing And don’t forget to follow Berwick by the Sea on Facebook and Instagram!

There’s lots of space to spread out at Berwick by the Sea, making it the perfect place for safe socialization and exercise.