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Hearing Health Check Day fundraisers are a win-win

Island-owned business donates $25 per test at special hearing health check events
Jeff Campbell, owner of Ears To You, standing in front of one of his mobile hearing clinic vans.

Saying goodbye to old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar clinics has led to many benefits at Island-owned Ears To You – not just for their clients and staff, but for the communities they work in as well.

“Being a mobile service has many perks,” says Ears To You owner Jeff Campbell. “We’re able to reach individuals with mobility issues, visit rural areas that otherwise would not have easy access to hearing care and our company has been able to grow quite quickly. But one of the best perks has been that lower overhead costs allow us to give more back to the Island community, through events like our Hearing Health Check Day fundraisers and community specific promotions.”

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Hearing Health Check Days

Ears To You has formed many strong relationships with local organizations, non-profits and care facilities in communities across Vancouver Island and works with them to organize Hearing Health Check Days. At many of these hearing test events, Ears To You donates $25 per complimentary hearing test back to the organization hosting the event.

“We’ve been hosting our Hearing Health Check Day fundraising events for quite a while now and they’ve been a huge success,” Campbell says. “They’re really a win-win for everyone involved. We get to maximize our time by doing multiple hearing tests at one location in a single day, the individuals we test get the benefit of our complimentary hearing checks and the organization gets much-needed funding to better serve their community.”

Ears To You has hosted their Hearing Health Check Fundraisers all across the Island, working with rural First Nation communities, pensioner organizations, the Victoria Cool-aid society and most recently with Mount Arrowsmith Salvation Army in Parksville.

Interested in organizing a Hearing Health Check Day with Ears To You? Contact their Vancouver Island office at 250-619-5746.

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Book your appointment at 250-619-5746 or book online here.

For more information about Ears to You visit them online or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Don’t miss this exclusive Campbell River offer!
Don’t miss this exclusive Campbell River offer!