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Tablegate serves up a dispute between two Cortes Island residents

An RCMP patch is seen on the shoulder of an assistant commissione. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

A free table turned out to be costly to peace and goodwill on Cortes Island last month

On Nov. 17, Quadra RCMP received a report of a table incident on Cortes Island, Const. Rebekah Draht, Quadra RCMP media relations officer said.

A complainant told police that he had located a dining room table with a “free” sign on it but was unable to put the whole table into the back of his vehicle.

He was only able to take the legs, Const. Draht said. The complainant intended to return later that day to get the rest of the table.

When the complainant returned later that day, the tabletop was gone.

“However, he decided to make lemonade out of lemons and modify the legs for another woodworking project,” Const. Draht said. “Soon after, the complainant was confronted by the original owner of the table who advised he wanted the legs back as another person had taken the tabletop.”

The complainant refused, pointing out he had located the free table first and the two continued to argue. The original owner, unhappy with the outcome of the argument, took some of the complainant’s items in his yard as collateral.

Officers spoke with both parties and learned that the original owner had taken some random items from the complainant and had hidden the items at another location.

After a stern conversation from officers, the individual provided exact information as to where he stashed the items.

The complainant updated Quadra RCMP on the outcome and express thanks for the police’s intervention.