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Innovative new home construction will help Homalco address housing shortage

Goal is to address an urgent need to house members of the community most in need of quality housing

Homalco First Nation is implementing a new construction technology to help address a severe housing shortage.

Four new homes will be built on a single lot using pre-fabricated houses that can be installed and constructed 75 per cent faster than standard construction methods. The homes will be built using Rohe Homes’ “Lost Series” technology that will build and deliver four 650 square foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom homes on a single lot designed as a communal village.

“With the constant need for improving or creating new housing at Homalco, we are looking at ways to do construction more efficiently and have quality homes built faster for our nation and our people. Rohe Homes’ unique offering has allowed us to focus more on the strategic side for building while they handle the entire construction process in a timely and cost-effective way,” said John Lewis, Homalco First Nation Administrator.

Homalco First Nation is seeking alternative housing solutions to address the lack of trades available for renovations and new construction. At least 15 per cent of the total on-reserve Homalco First Nation members are in desperate need of quality housing on their land located in Campbell River.

Rohe Homes’ novel Lotus Series technology allows for each home to be completed up to 70 per cent in their facility, folded up, and then transported and set up on a site in a single day. The finishing process is then completed within a couple of weeks.

Homalco First Nation are traditionally known as the “people of fast running waters,” named after the turbulent waters surrounding their original home in Bute Inlet. Young families, elders, and single mothers will occupy these homes and create a small community that supports each other. As listed in their core mission, Homalco’s work is community-driven. Their relationship with one another and community is important to fulfill their goals, hopes, and dreams. The core mission states that Homalco recognizes that they are “stronger together as they walk towards a bright future.”

The goal of the project is to address an urgent need to comfortably house members of the community most in need of quality housing. Rohe Homes will be managing all aspects of the project, from permits all the way to tenant occupation. The project commenced in Q2 2023 and is set to complete by spring 2024.

“Launching this new housing project for Homalco First Nation, featuring the Lotus Series, is an opportunity to create significant change for on-reserve HFN members. Through innovation and adaptability, we aim to provide long-term quality housing that can give members a comfortable living space which they can call home,” said Rohan Kulkarni, Rohe Homes CEO.

With support from the Canadian Housing Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) as a funding partner for the project, each of the homes will be built with long-lasting materials and passive home-inspired designs.

At the conclusion of the project, Rohe Homes will introduce their new product offering - The Lotus Series Kit, a prefabricated structure that includes all critical lock-up stage components of a home in a self-contained unit. The unit unfolds within four hours and is able to be installed and enclosed within one day. It can then be quickly finished by local trades or First Nations members in a matter of days.

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