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Cedar Elementary will feature local and student art work in new art show

The Cedar Sapling Art Show will raffle some art to help improve the school
Cedar Elementary is hosting their first Cedar Sapling Art Show on June 14 and 15. Artwork from local artists will be raffled off, with proceeds going to helping develop the school’s art and culture scene. File photo/ Campbell River Mirror

Cedar Elementary School’s PAC is organizing the Cedar Sapling Art Show to raise funds to improve the school.

“We are hopeful that it is an event we can repeat in years to come,” says Laura Isaacs, Cedar PAC Secretary. “The show itself is themed on fostering creativity through mentorship, however, we aren’t asking artworks to fall within any kind of parameters (apart from remaining family-friendly, we are an elementary school).”

Not only will students be showing off their artistic skills, but the show will also feature art from local artists, such as Qwaya Sam and Jill Paris Rody. Laura Royer, Mara Kersey, and Isaacs (a photographer) will provide art for a raffle.

The art show will be at the school on June 14 and 15.

The Campbell River Art Gallery will send someone to mentor the students, along with the teacher on call, Jennah Fox. Isaacs and Royer (also a member of the PAC) will be on hand, as well.

“Every student at Cedar will have a piece at the show,” says Isaacs. “The student’s work will not be available for the raffle. We did recently have Impressions offer to display student works after our show, so they can see their art in a professional gallery setting.”

Isaacs said they have had a couple of other people interested in helping out with the Cedar Sapling Art Show, but have not confirmed yet.

“We would love to see a few more folks come in, share a bit of their personal art practice and create some art with our kiddos.”

Isaacs and the PAC are hoping more local-based artists are willing to donate their artwork for the show and raffle. Those interested can get in touch with the PAC through their email address ( or their Facebook group.

Funds from the raffle will contribute to three key areas for Cedar Elementary. These include upgrading playground equipment, supporting teach-led initiatives to enhance outdoor education and activities, and bolstering the school’s music and culture programs.

“These initiatives help provide a well-rounded education and foster a vibrant and inclusive school environment,” says Isaacs.

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