Wind and rain my make fishing unpleasant, but when things clear up, young and old alike can get out and enjoy themselves.

Wind and rain put damper on fishing

By Don Daniels

Whether you fish the saltwater for salmon or fish the rivers for trout, the recent heavy rain and wind has ground recreational fishing to a halt around Campbell River.

Various communities have downed trees and boats have been washed ashore. Even if the weather calms down, there will be added debris in Discovery Passage and boat operators will have to be on the lookout for deadheads.

Some of the logging work crews in Zeballos sent the workers home. With the weather conditions being what they were I had to cancel the fishing gathering in Sayward at the Kelsey Bay Wharf and we will announce another time and date in the upcoming weeks.

Last Friday, I learned that a few locals made an attempt to fly fish the Elk River but that was tough going as the wind and rain pelted down.

I checked out the local lakes and with the warmer weather and added rain and wind any trace of snow around has disappeared allowing easy access for those shore fishing Roberts Lake or Echo. Upper elevation lakes above 1,500 feet will have snow and will be tough to get at this time of year. The local rivers will be blown out, meaning water levels will be high and murky but when things settle down, rivers like the Salmon and Quinsam will be fishable.

Kevin May has agreed to put on a short information session on prawning in area 13. The information included where to go, how and what gear to use. When I first moved to Campbell River, I attended a session put on by Ed Fisher in Courtenay. I will have a definite date and time and announce it here in the Fishing Corner along with dates coming up for fly tying sessions to be held in Campbell River.

There are families in Campbell River that go camping and fishing for the kids is a big part of the outing.

Kids seem to like playing and hooking up worms and trying to catch a fish. Kids grow up and become young adults and young adults become parents.

Whether you fish on a lake or river, safety comes first – follow all the rules.