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Volunteers help plant 300 trees during TD Tree Days

Volunteers will be planting 300 trees in the Campbell River estuary.

On Sunday, volunteers will come together along the Campbell River to plant 300 new trees as part of TD Tree Days 2016, hosted by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and Greenways Land Trust.

As part of the annual tree planting program, TD Tree Days brings together TD employees, their families and friends, and community volunteers to help green where they live. This year, 50,000 trees will be added to the Canadian landscape at more than 150 community plantings throughout September and October.

The Myrt Thompson trail along the Campbell River has been heavily impacted by former industrial use and invasive species, and it needs help to recover back to diverse riverside vegetation that helps to keep the river clean, cool, and welcoming for salmon and other wildlife.

Greenways Land Trust has been working to enhance the Myrt Thompson for several years, and planting 300 trees is another big step in the process to returning the Campbell River to nature.

TD Forests was launched in 2012 by TD Bank Group, TD Forests is founded on two pillars: reduce and grow. It is the first program of its kind at TD.

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