School District 72 distributes $1,000 scholarships to 54 local students

The awards are given out to students in their year of graduation

The School District 72 (SD72) District Scholarship Committee has revealed the names of the 54 local students who will each be receiving $1,000 from the Ministry of Education in the form of Dogwood District Authority Awards Scholarships.

According to SD72 communications and community engagement officer Jennifer Patrick, the number of scholarships the district can offer is based on the amount of funding received from the Ministry of Education each year, and this year they received $54,000 from the ministry for the awards.

Carihi High students make up the bulk of the recipients with 33 winners, while Timberline has 20 and Robron Centre has one.

The awards are given out to students in their year of graduation, they must receive a passing grade in their Language Arts 12 course (English or Communications, etc.), an average letter grade of C+ or higher over their grade 11 and 12 years, and demonstrate “exemplary attendance, punctuality, work habits and cooperation,” according to the official criteria.

Recipients are eligible for the award if they also, “demonstrate superior achievement in any of the following designated learning areas: Fine Arts (visual arts, dance, music drama, media arts), Applied Skills (business ed., technical ed. home economics), Physical Activity (not limited to Physical Education), or Second Languages (including Aboriginal languages and AP, IB courses).”

“We are very appreciative of the scholarship committee’s work in determining all of our award recipients,” says SD72 superintendent Tom Longridge of the awards. “Each year, they face a challenging task as there are many outstanding and talented students in SD72.

“The Dogwood District Authority Awards offers a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the success of our many outstanding students and we congratulate this year’s recipients.”