Quadra’s giant community garage sale supports children in the Philippines.

Quadra connects with the Philippines’ less fortunate

Come support 22 years of caring and sharing on Quadra Island through another Quadra Philippines Connection Giant Garage Sale

Come support 22 years of caring and sharing on Quadra Island through another Quadra Philippines Connection Giant Garage Sale.

This fundraising event will be held at the Quadra Community Centre on Sunday, Sept. 18 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

All items are available by donation and it is advised to come early to take advantage of the many recycled treasures and first choice selections that include everything from clothing and toys to books, household goods, tools, appliances and furniture that will cover the entire expanse of the community centre.

A concession selling home-baked goodies, pizza and Aroma-roasted coffee will be available to sustain you while you shop.

All proceeds go to Quadra’s ongoing support of the Gift for Peace Program in the northern Philippines.

Over the past two decades, Quadra islanders have supported a total of seven preschool programs and over 1,100 children through a partnership with the small NGO called International Association for Transformation (IAT).

Many of the original daycare children are now successful professional graduates working either in their own villages or abroad and offering support to their families.

During Quadra’s sponsorship, the dedicated teachers from these programs have been able to show the benefit of positive daycare over time, and over the past few years the goal to have local government assume this responsibility has been met.

Therefore, for the past two years the Quadra community has been supporting a new innovative initiative through IAT called the Gift for Peace Program in the village of Cataw contributing to sustainability in this remote area of the Philippines.

IAT’s Gift For Peace Program is an award winning project that continues to be a huge success in promoting peace between conflicting tribes in northern Luzon.

The concept is that a carabau or pig is given to specific families with the understanding that the recipients will then give the first offspring to families from another tribe or village where there has been past conflict.

In addition to animal dispersal, IAT provides training seminars to participating communities on leadership, health and nutrition, financial savings, animal husbandry, composting and agro-forestry.

This in turn helps promote self-sufficiency, economic stability and thereby a spirit of cooperation and unity between tribes in northern Kalinga where Quadra has been supporting daycare programs for over 20 years. IAT is currently working with 39 villages and by the end of 2017 more than 2,000 participating families will have benefitted from this program.

The village of Cataw is a small relocation village of 40 families.

Twenty families in this village will receive 20 carabou whose first offspring will then be passed on to 20 families in another community. Quadra’s support also includes the education through sponsorship of two young girls from this village, Analiza Macad and Zeah Mae Paclay. They have been keeping in touch with Quadra Islanders through regular letters and are the first children in Cataw to receive assistance with schooling.

Since education is particularly essential to the progress of the tribal people in this remote area, Quadra’s support will provide an additional boost to this community. Plan to contribute to this exciting endeavour by attending this year’s Giant Garage Sale.

For more information regarding the Quadra Philippines Connection, this year’s sale or IAT’s child sponsorship program, contact Carol Foort at 250-285-3035.