Loonie War ‘hostilities’ resume

The battle continues! Campbell River Head Injury Support Society (CRHISS) is declaring war against Powel River and Victoria Brain Injury Support Society in our Seventh  Annual Loonie Wars.

This is a fun way to raise community awareness about traumatic brain injuries (TBI) as well as provide funds to support local TBI survivors. Starting Friday, Feb. 19, every resident of Campbell River is being asked to donate a loonie. The donations will be collected for a week until Feb. 29. The community that collects the most funds per capita will be declared the winner and their local Brain Injury Organization will be awarded the prestigious Loonie War Trophy.

Last year Campbell River put forward a grand effort in support and won. Your support is needed again to retain rights to the  pretigious trophy.

Groups such as City Council, schools, service clubs, businesses, Churches and neighborhoods are encouraged to get involved in the fun by challenging each other to “fight the War” by contributing their loonie(s).

The money donated in each municipality stays in each community.

Your donation can be made by: putting it into the containers placed in local businesses throughout Campbell River; delivering it directly to our office at 591-9th Ave. or online at www.crhead.ca.